22 August – 8 September 2012: Mark Clemens – Edge of Tasmania


Gallery 1

Tasmanian based artist Mark Clemens explores the coast line and in more detail the metaphor of ‘the land’s edge’ in these new works entitled Edge of Tasmania.  In his earlier work Mark focused inward to the land, mostly working in Australia. A transition occurred for him after retuning to Tasmania, suddenly struck by the beauty and power of the oceans his practice observed the edge or point that you look out into nothingness.

“A new artistic path opened up for me when I began to place my camera at theedge of my island and look out into the vast spaces of the ocean and the sky: a simple but profound shift in point of view. As the work began to unfold, I saw another challenge; how could I render the least number of visual complexities, the barest palette, to express the inexpressible about the ocean/land edge into a photographic image: what grand spaces it unfurls, the nuances and pure joy of its ever-changing light and the dynamism of its ever-changing surface patterns, the push and pull of the lunar cycles on tide and reach? Suddenly it was all unfolding out before me in a new way. It was like walking into a new country at a border-crossing and looking back at where I had come from, with new eyes”.

For more images and info click here: http://markclemens4676.zenfolio.com/