22 August – 8 September 2012: James Riches – Prelude


Gallery 2

Essentially a figurative practice, my interest is in its relationship to space; where the figure ‘fits’ into its physical environment. These ideas lead to more abstract explorations into the nature of drawing and the representation of form.

For many years I have collected ideas, concepts and drawing notations in the pages of cheap drawing books, with the intention of turning them into more fully realised artworks. The title of the show, Prelude, speaks of my perception of this process as an entry point to the ‘more important’ works; possible paintings, installations or public sculpture. Ultimately drawing being a critical component of my creative process in which I often feel as though I am at some beginning point.

The works in Prelude are the result of shifting this notational, spontaneous component of my drawing practice into a gallery installation.

“James usually works within a figurative mode of drawing that finds a subtle equilibrium between observational and conceptual responses to the human subject. His work is always distinguished by the acute sensitivity and refined process of its making.” Godwin Bradbeer