20 March – 6 April 2013: Troy Argyros – You have been loved


Gallery 3

In his exhibition You Have Been Loved, Troy Argyros turns his attention to the tokens and treasures in which nostalgia and memory are contained. The small and highly particular items that Argyros depicts hold the imprint of experience. A particular smell, the texture of a certain fabric, a scrap of wallpaper from your childhood bedroom: these are all sensory prompts that provoke a rush of memory.

Diligently rendering evocative fragments in oil paint, Argyros applies the weight of this most traditional art form to the representation of the partial, the fleeting and the intensely personal. Just as memory resonates most powerfully in the details of the scene remembered, it is Argyros’s painstaking attention to detail in the depiction of these objects that endows them with significance.