20 January – 31 January | TALK:DIRTY

RED Gallery in collaboration with Yarra City Council will be hosting Melbourne’s first ever fully carbon off-set botanical art exhibition. Conceptual Artists Elle Rusch Drakos alongside Shane Boyd and other multimodal artists will showcase unique interpretations of botanical artwork inspired by their houseplants and have their body of work exhibited alongside the very houseplants that inspired them in this unique multisensory experience. Conceptual Artist and Curator Elle Rusch Drakos has transformed the gallery space into a jungle of indoor houseplants and inviting visitors to use cutting edge technology that picks up on the bio-data of the plants to allow visitors the unique opportunity to talk and listen to plants. On the final day of the exhibition, 31 January 2021, the gallery will turn into a pop-up urban nursery selling all the plants in the exhibition to carbon-offset the show.

‘During Lockdown and the general isolation experienced with the COVID-19 crisis many artists all over Victoria but especially here in Melbourne found ourselves single and alone in our homes. We battled with isolation, loneliness, depression and a lack of social connection. I personally developed an unlikely companionship with my house plants and found myself talking to them. I will be inviting visitors one at a time into the space to experience the solitude I experienced during lockdown but with the added benefit of using cutting edge technology to create a two-way conversation between you and the plant.’ Elle Rusch Drakos, Artist and Curator.

We connect deeply with our houseplants as aesthetic and decorative items, very much like an art piece, but also on an emotional level there was a level of mutual connection. This exhibition will explore the relationship artists have with their house plants and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the relationship plants have with us. The relationship is one of dependence and care as well as the therapeutic and wellbeing aspect of plants on our moods. We would like the exhibition to offer a sense of compassion and even companionship for these modest house plants.

Award-winning international conceptual and multidisciplinary artist, Elle Rusch Drakos, focuses on the machine of the idea that makes the art through multi-sensory experiences. Her big picture thinking has allowed her to work with a variety of high-profile creative projects including the Athens Olympics in Greece, The Mayor Gallery in London and for the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates. During Lockdown and the COVID-19 crisis many singles in Victoria and especially Melbourne found themselves alone, battling with isolation, loneliness, depression and a lack of social connection. For Elle an unlikely companionship was found with her houseplants and would like TALK:DIRTY to explore this. Not only did she connect deeply with her houseplants as aesthetic, decorative items, like an art piece, but also on a level of mutual connection. A relationship of dependence, care as well as the therapeutic and wellbeing aspect of plants on mood and mindfulness that invokes a sense of compassion and even companionship for our modest houseplants. Through the use of cutting-edge bio-data technology, Plant Choir, Elle welcomes visitors one at a time to sit in this urban oasis and really listen and talk to plants.

Elle Rusch Drakos | Shane Boyd | Amelia Jane | Davic McBurney | Tarli Bird | Malini Maunsell | Natalie Martin | Jeanne Brown | Charlotte Clemens | Angela Cornish | Bear Withington | Helen Cokis Edwards | Karri Clarke | Beast | Emma Pattenden | Valerie Schoenjahn | Cassandra Prinzi