2 November – 19 November: David Turner – Serious Business


The life of an art gallery is usually a short one (though red gallery has been showing new art for nearly 15 years). David Turner, however, has been making and showing art since the early 1970s, which is almost as meritorious as his spectacular gouache paintings in his latest solo show, Serious Business. His recent work furthers the non-objective pursuit of abstraction: of letting geometry stand in for philosophical and spiritual concerns, while remaining aesthetically beautiful. In David’s case, shamanic ritual and Native American tribal art – its common pictographs, symbols and formal language – have previously influenced his compositions.

Serious Business is an elaborate series of arcs, zig-zags, dots and undulating lines atop a flat-plane of beautifully balanced grey-scale shades. His punchy palette soothes the jagged forms, which are matte and slightly granular in finish; an expertly executed interplay of tint and line. They can take on mystical properties – to signify imaginary realms – as they are free from representing objects from the known world.