2 July – 19 July 2014: Annette Chang – Transformation – from ordinary to extraordinary


Annette Chang’s practice is characterised by her utilisation of found materials such as newspaper, plastic and other daily objects. She transforms these pre-loved materials from their everyday origins, offering new interpretations beyond the ordinary.

In Chang’s current body of work she explores her interest in creating work using new and innovative methods. She has explored the materiality of common objects and through shredding, cutting, folding, knitting, collaging and painting techniques she creates both sculptural installations and two-dimensional works.

“My aim is to create sculptural installations that evoke the sensation of texture and compression and two-dimensional works, which convey the multi-layering complexity and intangibility.”

 Chang is a Melbourne based artist. She has a Diploma of Visual Arts and Bachelor of Arts (2009) and a Bachelor of Fine Art (2012). She is currently completing her Master of Fine Art at RMIT. Chang has exhibited widely in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. This is her second solo exhibition at red gallery contemporary art space.