19 March – 5 April 2014: Robert Mihajlovski – Endless Enigma, Works on Paper



Falling to sleep last night in a deep crevasse

between one rough dream and another, I seemed,

still awake, to be stranded on a stony path,

and there the familiar enigma presented itself…

                                                            Enigma, Anne Stephenson, 2006


Using large scale works with elements of calligraphy, landscape painting, iconography and abstraction Mihajlovski’s work aims to develop a cosmology containing the entirety of human knowledge. His alchemical and pictorial cosmology spreads through time and space by means of expansion and contraction using lines, marks and the language of colour. Mihajlovski’s initial creative impulse was to develop, through drawing and painting, a question that could communicate a different kind of dimension of space and time using a visual narrative.