18 May – 04 June: Peter Quarry – Modulart


For years, Peter Quarry has been fascinated with the idea of using multiple modules as a way of creating large artworks. A trip through southern Spain some years ago allowed him to study the tiles used in Arab-influenced architecture – especially the way individual pieces can aggregate into a pleasing and impressive whole. His current panoramic works derive from a number of diverse artistic influences – Donald Judd and Frank Stella, for two – yet the common theme is the creation of beautiful, accessible art: pieces that are constructed by joining individual modules into wholes.

The five pieces in this show are examples of Modulart, his project for commissioned art works, in which buyers may modify and specify the palette, condition and dimensions of their art before it is made.

Peter Quarry is offering the bespoke constructed object as an art form, using large-scale uniform canvases in composition to create a personalised, customisable whole.