18 March – 5 April: RED G3: ‘The Fragile Landscapes’ Chris Gillard

Combining landscape photography and glass technology Chris Gillard’s pieces explore the delicate connection within the natural world. He questions that in all its moods, and at all times our natural world is fragile. But just how fragile is our relationship with nature? As fragile as a rose petal or a leaf, a rainbow or a drop of early morning dew?

Chris is an observer and commentator of his natural environment; the ‘Fragile Landscapes’ series on glass explores this fragility, while paying homage to the layers of meaning and deeper dimensions beneath what is seen; layers of time, history, culture, and often degrading human influence.

Fragile Landscapes un-apologetically projects a powerful environmental message through the medium of glass. Each piece requires a determined level of care in its handling and positioning, the art becoming a metaphorical representation and reminder of the beauty, value, fragility and many layers of our natural world. How have we dealt with the fragile nature of our world? What does the future hold?
He continues to questions and expand upon the theories, philosophies and presentation methods behind the ‘FragileLandscapes’ concept and have many years of work ahead to explore the potential of the concept.

18 March – 5 April
Opening Event: Wednesday 18 March 6pm – 8pm