18 March – 5 April: RED G2: SPACE//JUNK Alan McGregor

Alan’s current exhibition SPACE//JUNK focuses on the re-purposing of collected images through the use of manual and digital collage construction techniques and the continuation of the process into paintings on canvas is what forms the practical underpinning for the current artworks.

The functional value of the images employed is not necessarily found solely in the actual images themselves, but more in the ways that they can be juxtaposed or reconfigured and manipulated to transcend from one context to another into a seemingly infinite stream of possibilities.
It is generally held that we experience an extensive repertoire of subliminal sensual markers, particularly visual (eg: form, design, colouration, tonality, pattern, kinetic resonance, etc.) that have the potential to stimulate our intellectual, emotional and tactile desires. Such processes can be targeted and triggered to elicit a broader range of creative responses. Some of these may reinforce our innate need for rational certainty, whist others may disrupt and reframe such continuity.
The title ‘SPACE//JUNK’ refers to a vague philosophical contradiction whereby on the one hand we accept the notion of a self-contextualised universe, one that we perceive of as having definitive parameters; whilst on the other, there is a possibility of it being an essentially nondescript, meaningless jumble or even a complete void. To deal with such a seemingly puzzling conundrum is both fascinating and confounding. Is it actual or all just imagined?

18 March – 05 April 2020

Opening Event: Wednesday 18 March 6pm – 8pm