18 March – 5 April: RED G1: LIBERTÈ Martha Ackroyd Curtis

Martha Ackroyd Curtis AKA Marths T.M. is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary installation and video artist. Ackroyd Curtis is fast becoming an artist in the true sense of the word, her fearless, bold approach to topics demand attention while still remaining aesthetically dignified and with finesse. She recently showed at Meat Market Art Centre, with the show Bloody… The Exhibition… Let It Bleed, which was viewed by a large public audience in June/July 2018. In 2019 she followed again at Meat Market with; SHE SINGS.SHE BREATHES.SHES SIGHS and SWEAT Midsumma 2020, all of which received media attention and a warm response from reviewers.

Ackroyd Curtis was the creative producer/artist behind the successful Her… The Photographic Series, part of Midsumma Festival 2019. This exhibition received media attention from Australia and overseas and was a key feature in Midsumma’s content. The subject of HER, was Martha’s, partner, love and muse. This series of photographs delicately displayed the love between two people with depth and alluring qualities can only be expressed through a shared life.

She works primarily with a variety of disciplines, which will evolve around a central theme, sometimes purely visual in its intent, mildly personal or a focus on human rights with a moral conscience, with her feet on the ground. She sees her art as her creative outlet that needs to leave the audience with ‘something’ tangible when they walk out.

‘With LIBERTÈ I have selected recent works and new ones to give a focus to everyone’s desire and right to be able to live the free life they wish to. Some people cannot do this yet, because of political reasons, family, society, or their own personal issues. I know what this feels like, for in the past I have felt it too.’

18 March – 5 April

Opening Event: Wednesday 18 March 6pm – 8pm