18 April – 5 May 2012: Myrna McRae + Sophie Skarbek

Gallery 2




Sophie Skarbek

With a love of drama and colour Sophie Skarbek uses her affinity for life drawing to portray glamorously dressed women appearing from the shadows or composed with red roses. Brooding dark hues in contrast to warm reds or energetic oranges mix her use of abstraction and realism. Sophie paints ‘as the spirit moves her’ a place to be absorbed by the act of painting: a meditation. This approach results in a variety of subject matter, technique and size, works on paper with acrylic have a crispness whilst the works on canvas more flexibility. This exhibition is Sophie Skarbek’s second show at red gallery.




Myrna McRae

Taking models from the world around her Myrna McRae uses plants, the beach, household items as the basis of her paintings. The paintings combine detailed representations of real objects and abstracted shapes, patterns and colours. In a number of these works the shapes and colours of objects are used to describe places and people. Her interests lie in the subtlety of tones and the construction of forms to represent moods and ideas. Through analogues she paints “portraits” of people and their dwellings – colours and forms suggest personality, mood and emotions.