17 August – 3 September 2011: Kim Wall – Humming Wire


Gallery 1

‘Crossed legs, fat legs, scrawny legs, broken legs, sexy legs…I quite like legs’.

Kim Wall’s work explores the wonders of the human form, its bumps and curves and her love of legs.

The use of line in Wall’s drawings and prints are free and unbound by the need to portray the accuracy of form, small or delicate details next to block colour. The choice to frame one part of the body creates an element of curiosity in these works. There is a feeling of innocence, a childlike quality and yet there is a winking irony, an expression of what it is to be a lady.

A pair of legs can be spotted in a café or on the tram and with ‘texta’ and journal in hand Wall sketches down the essence of their form to take back to the studio. These sketches are then refined in preparation for printmaking whilst still maintaining journal like qualities.

The reduction lino cuts illustrate her ‘hunger for process and the need to get my hands dirty’. Tension and surprises often result from the tactility of the medium.

Trained printmaker at RMIT Kim Wall has shown works within group shows, this is her first solo show. Kim co-founded red gallery at the turn of the millennium and currently works in the gallery.