16 February – 5 March 2011: Mark Rose – Snapshots in time


Gallery 2

How does the stillness of painting compare to the fluidity of time?  Can a glimpse, a moment or memory be shared?

Through his painting practice, Mark Rose investigates the fragments of everyday life.  The subjects are personal, familiar and suburban.  The work is rendered tonally in order to reflect film, photography and memory, which also imparts an otherworldly or ‘out of time’ feeling.   Media imagery from film or newspaper clippings is often incorporated.

Placed together these studies read like some stream of consciousness. Because of this, Rose’s observations provide a perplexing array of possibilities. There is no clear time line, and while most of the imagery appears relatively contemporary, this is not necessarily so.

The monochromatic nature of the paintings reduces the visual information allowing for a deeper study.  With this ‘paring back’, Rose questions what determines attachment, recognition and narrative.

Mark Rose is a Melbourne based painter.  He has recently exhibited at Trocadero and Kings ARI.  This will be his first solo exhibition at red gallery.