15 June – 2 July 2011: Kirsty Fletcher – Beware


Gallery 1

The giant lizards are about to rumble…

Crocodiles fight dragons in a battle to the death. The prehistoric hero of the river takes on the mythical beast of the sky in a spell-binding, nail-biting bout of fire and water.

In Kirsty Fletcher’s upcoming solo show these scaly reptiles are both threatening and tamed. In the guise of pull-along toys, swinging pendulums and flying mobiles there is still an air of menace. With the glint of evil, the sudden jump and snap, someone could lose an arm.

Kirsty Fletcher is a Darwin born, Melbourne-based artist and architect. Her art works are predominantly small-scale cardboard sculptures and collage relief works, using reclaimed packaging and ephemera including metcards, beer cartons, cardboard boxes and salvaged objects. These materials are salvaged by Kirsty, her friends and family. They are saved from their recycling bin as well as found on the streets and the final works are a palimpsest of the current consumption patterns of the people around her. Conceived, in part, as prototypes for mass production, the creation process involves making a pattern and then hand-crafting something unique. She frequently produces multiple versions yet each has a look and personality of its own. Despite the inert and flimsy nature of cardboard, the works are often kinetic or involve moving parts. The hand-made mechanisms are informed by pop-up book and wooden toy technology.

Her ‘itty bitty kitty machine’ metcard sculpture was awarded a 2011 Linden Postcard Prize. In both 2009 and 2010 her works have been short-listed in the Togart Contemporary Art Award (NT) and the BSG Art Prize (Vic). She has had recent solo shows in Melbourne at red gallery and Brunswick Street Gallery. Her works have also featured in group exhibitions in Melbourne, Spain and Venice and are included in numerous private collections. This is her second exhibition at red gallery.

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