15 June – 2 July 2011: Gav Barbey – The Poetic Nature of the Dot


Gallery 2

Everything we observe is changing moment by moment… it has no inherent static nature… the illusion of state, a finite, is only a perception, a philosophy of the mechanics.

What is reality?  What is still life?  Though we may look and perceive an image, we often as the viewer disbelieve, or mistrust the nature of conventional reality, change, movement, one emotive state may change dramatically or at a minimal alter within any given moment.

Stagnant- whether that be my works in a gallery space or in the mind perception of what a painting may mean, or for where an image has come from… is always in movement, in transformation.          – Gav Barbey

Over almost two decades Gav Barbey has developed a dynamic career as an artist, which encompasses painting, installation, performance and film. Gav Barbey completed a Diploma of Design National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), Sydney, in 1993, and has exhibited regularly since the late 1990s in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Australia and internationally, primarily in the cities of Sydney and New York. His works are held in various collections including the Concord Insurance group Pty Ltd, Australian Metal Holdings, Myer Foundation, Idameneo, Boteck Pty Ltd, BCoz Restaurant Melbourne, Australian Pearl Company (Autore Pearls), Simchowitz Collection LA, and other private and corporate collections in Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and USA. The works in this show are the result of his continued experimentation with the process of melting pigmented ice onto canvas. This is his first exhibition at red gallery.

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