15 January – 1 February 2014: Martin & Zoe Hunting – Reflections



This exhibition brings together the artwork of a father and daughter pair, whose confluent interests in the concepts of interconnectedness and gestalt theory have resulted in analogous practices. Through a shared conceptual framework the work of both artists reflects and extends the practice of the other in a reciprocal exchange.

Martin Hunting has created visual fields of variegated texture and colour within which separate pieces intersect to make a harmonious unified whole. This technique explores the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts by drawing focus to the interrelationship of the segments that are integrated within his picture planes.

Zoe Hunting has been inspired by the movement of flocks of birds, their natural ability to move as one formation, and the invariable harmony that allows them to maintain unity within their multitudinous motion. Again, the geometric intersection of many parts to represent an integrated system is central.

Martin Hunting holds a Masters of Visual Arts from The University of Sydney, where he has also taught painting and drawing. Zoe Hunting is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Deakin University.