14 November – 1 December 2012: Elizabeth Banfield – Coalescence


Gallery 2

Banfield’s finely detailed linocuts and artist books examine the transient nature of memories. Delicately executed using layers of Japanese papers and hand stitching, the works provide us with a commentary on the more minute details of our lives.

Through the study of forests and detritus, fallen leaves become an artistic motif that evidences the passing of time. Often the paper is cut to follow the contours of the specimen leaf, or through its insect-eaten holes, illuminating a glimpse into something beyond, a recollection returned or an insight revealed.

Beneath a protective forest canopy, the fragile yet enduring fabric of life delicately connects all; a coalescence of the natural world, our lives, our memories, even the memories that appear forgotten yet still exist, dormant within us.