14 March – 31 March 2012: James Bonnici


Gallery 1

James Bonnici’s work explores the modern, urban environment we have created for ourselves, and how this impacts on us psychologically. His work suggests that within the everyday locations that consistently surround us, there is little consideration for beauty and contemplation. Instead, we find ourselves in highly functional settings where the spaces are enclosed, claustrophobic and dehumanizing.From car parks to suburban housing developments, our views are being blocked by high walls, fences, power lines and various other utilitarian structures. What is left is a landscape where the mood is melancholic and leaves its inhabitants with feelings of absence, restlessness and anxiety.

By rendering these oppressive spaces with muted colour, uncomfortable composition and exaggerated lighting, otherworldliness is created out of the familiar, leaving the viewer with a sense of unease and thoughts of the immaterial. Where humans are present they appear distorted and fuzzy under harsh, florescent lighting; they are a reaction to their constructed environment, repressing their human reality.