14 August – 01 September: Hannah Beilharz – When Leaves Trace Skin


Opening Night Drinks Wednesday 14th August 2019, 6-8pm

When Leaves Trace Skin is an ongoing project exploring expanded notions of femininity through printmaking and installation. The title of the exhibition refers to a moment of relation between the body and the world, a space of possibility and change. Multiple horizon lines converge in a subtle and shifting installation of transparent images, creating a limitless space within the works. These horizon lines suggest multiple and infinite iterations of femininity, opening up a space of relations between bodies and notions of gender that is politically and philosophically productive and expansive.

The project seeks to explore an expanded understanding of femininity as a limitless creative possibility, while also acknowledging its instrumental use within systems of domination relating to gender. The text accompanying the works reflects critically on the concrete impacts of a gendered world including patriarchal violence and the effects of trauma. Sales from this text will be donated to Safe Steps, a frontline organisation that assists women and families experiencing or at risk of domestic violence.