14 April 2021 – 2 May 2021 | G.1 Joseph Carter Weidenbaum | G.2 Henry Maas | G.3 Kitty Calvert


In his latest body of work predominantly created during the lockdown in Victoria, Joseph Carter Weidenbaum, explores how everyday life was thrown into an unprecedented chaos with limited experiences of the outside world his focus became the 24 /7 news radio cycle , thus providing him with a backdrop of unlimited sources of ideas and material to reflect upon current global and local events that were happening in real-time; taking a  journalistic approach and bearing witness to the world rather than offering commentary by using collage and in particular paper with its properties of retaining memories of a previous existence with all its poignant vulnerabilities. Within the works various themes and narratives are explored using an array of images and text including reoccurring images with symbolic meaning and a vintage aesthetic.

G.2 HENRY MAAS: Simplicity


the conflict between men and women

the divide

the empowering of women

women realising their true potential

men coming to grips to the new paradigm

hopefully a bridge will be built between the two so equality can rise

a new era is beginning

a new balance is being explored

Henry’s early years were spent absorbing the vaudeville atmosphere of his family’s built and run Maas Cabaret in St Kilda from 1954 -1965. His essence was fostered in this atmosphere of music, performance, art and entertaining.

At the forefront of the Fitzroy and Melbourne avante-garde scene since the mid 1970’s, Henry Maas is a well known figure in the Melbourne art scene. Maas’ approach to his paintings, assemblages and constructions are an ode to his bohemian attitude, playful character and deep understanding and exploration of social contsraints.



Born from the detritus of a multitude of memories, Kitty Calvert’s assemblage sculptures are created using vintage, upcycled, recycled, lost, found and discovered treasure, evoking cherished memories of childhood and times past. In a world of mass consumption, Kitty Calvert is a collaboration of treasure hunt and treasure build, between Melbourne based husband and wife Phill Calvert and Julia Brampton, looking at the assemblage of memory and longevity. Viewing the pieces of treasure used in each sculpture as memory carrying vessels, transporting one to a time in the past where things were built to last this series is a reflection of this journey of not only each individual piece but the concept of time and memory.

Event Details: Opening Drinks

Date: 14 April 2021 6pm – 8pm