14 – 31 October 2015: Kate Walsh – Inter-connection


In her third solo show at red gallery Kate Walsh’s new body of work focuses on the notion of Inter-connection, an aspect of her life that she has begun to appreciate in recent times.

Inter-connection will feature a portrait of Charles Fisher aka the Song Doctor (pictured above), Walsh’s submission to the 2015 Archibald Prize. This work, which looks beyond the sitter’s success as a producer rather focusing on his passion, sense of humour and energetic story telling, demonstrates Walsh’s continued exploration into themes of body language and facial expression to expose internal moods, emotion and states of being.

This body of work sees Walsh continuing with her experimentation and development with watercolour on raw canvas.




the nuance of gesture,

the exchange of a glance,

a touch of the hand,

the utterance of a word

or the embrace of nature,

we interconnect.


Instinctively guided,

often overlooked,

not consciously aware

of the numerous exchanges

that happen continuously,


all the time.


Enjoy the observation,

these moments of contact.

Release of new energy

that overlays

and intersects

the continuum

of everyday life.

– Kate Walsh 2015