14 – 31 October 2015: Annette Chang – NEWS?


‘Using the Everyday to Reflect the Everyday’ as her launching point Annette Chang’s work centers on reconfiguring found and existing materials to create two and three-dimensional works. She is interested in the innovative use of common materials to create new forms of visual experience. These new visuals seek to communicate not only contemporary culture but also reflect the material’s origins.

Until recently, newspapers have been society’s primary source of media communication; used to circulate current news, articles of opinion, features and advertisements. However, we are forced to consider, how much of this information is the truth? How much manipulation takes place in order to increase sales, and are we mislead for other purposes? The media, can be full of holes. There are frequently gaps in the information provided to us, formed by both writers and publishers. These are then filled in by the reader, based on society’s preconceived ideas of the world. Therefore, the newspaper, both physically and metaphorically, is extremely fragile.

For her exhibition at red gallery Chang has created the work by hand; individually joining strips of newspaper to produce yarn which is hand knitted into a fragile netted sculpture.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan Chang migrated to Australia in 1991 and has been living in Melbourne since. She has been exhibiting in group and solo shows in Melbourne and overseas.