14 – 31 October 2015: Aniquah Stevenson – Moon Beam Milk



In her first exhibition at red gallery Moon Beam Milk is an exhibition of new objects and arrangements by Aniquah Stevenson.

For her new collection of work Stevenson explores translucent, fragile and milky materials in an attempt to capture invisible moments, like phosphene and visual static that swim across the peripheries of the eyes in the haze of evening light. The gallery space is occupied by ceramic vessels and glass mobiles reflecting the light of the gallery’s sun roof and utilising the space to create ethereal wonderment with growing clusters and accumulations of large sculptural works, plants and tiny stones.

Stevenson’s new body of work has been fabricated from a range of fine materials such as glass, clay, sterling silver, semi-precious stones, plants and found objects. Informed by nature and everyday living, these creations focus on domestic and natural environment, growth, refinement and spatial composition with an emphasis on impermanence and imperfections.