13 October – 30 October 2010: Robyn Base – Accidents Near My House


Gallery 3

Robyn Base’s new sculptural installations of glass, plastics, silicon, wood and sand are compiled of fragments of wrecked cars and vehicles collected from the sites of minor traffic accidents around her home. Illuminated from behind, the shrine-like light-boxes encourage detailed examination for clues and evidence. Every fragment is visible but the narrative remains elusive. The titles of the works are clinical and factual, merely stating places and dates. Base’s light-boxes are exhibited together with a number of spiraling, double-helix like sculptures that engage with a contemporary fascination for ‘forensic aesthetics’: archaeological digs, crime scenes and CSI-like investigations.

As Base explains, ‘The works are not intended to be morbid nor melancholic, but quiet, humble, aiming to create harmony from chaos. Like fractured stained-glass windows, they have a Phoenix-like quality, possessing a sense of rebirth or resurrection.’ As a series of reminders and a collection of incident landmarks, Accidents near my house is geared to negate determinism, forging pathways through random occurrences in space and time.

Robyn Base is an established Melbourne artist who has held numerous group and solo exhibitions both around Australia and overseas, including in Seoul, Beijing, Seattle, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. She completed a PGDVA and an MVA at the VCA (2007) and her works are included in numerous private collections.