13 June - 01 July: Four Legs Good (Group Show)

13 June - 01 July: Four Legs Good (Group Show)


Deborah Williams, Ginny Grayson, So Hee Sophia Yoon, Elizabeth Faul, Shan Crosbie, Sharon West, Kim Wall, Jen Hoddinott, Mikaela Watt, Andrea Sinclair, Tracy Potts

Snout, paw, horn and tail; Four Legs Good is a celebration of the domesticated beast.

The red team have curated a collection of works from artists, near and far, to capture the pride and joy of pet care, farm animals and the down and dirty four legged. It’s not all gloss and play – this multidisciplinary offering ranges from idealising the cute and furry to the harsh realism of contemporary agriculture.

Four Legs Good aims to capture the plethora of attitudes that dominate the contemporary discourse on animals, and more importantly our relationships with them. Whether we like it or not, we live in a society enamoured with animals. Be it through diet, agriculture or pet ownership, Four Legs Good places them right in front of our eyes; the ugly, the cute, the peaceful and the unjust. It doesn’t tell us what to think, nor should it, it’s up to us to make sense of it all.