13 August – 30 August 2014: Peter Quarry – Cardinal Emotions


In 1872, Charles Darwin published his little known The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals, in which he applied his theory of evolution to the development and expression of feelings. Darwin identified a number of emotions, which have evolved over time and can be recognised by any human, regardless of their cultural background. He called these ‘Cardinal Emotions’.

Former Psychologist turned portrait artist, Peter Quarry, explores these emotions in a series of works on paper. In this new body of work Quarry combines facial expressions, textures, colours and composition. Through the synergy of these elements Quarry hopes that the viewer will perceive and experience each emotion at a deep, personal level.

Alongside his successful career as a psychologist Quarry also holds a qualification in Interior Design from RMIT and is currently completing a Diploma of Visual Art at Latrobe College of Art + Design. He has exhibited in numerous group shows across Melbourne. Quarry was awarded first prize in the 2013 Visages Portrait Exhibition.