12 – 29 August 2015: Lilli Waters – ANJA


ANJA confronts the fears and stigmas associated with the perceptions of womenʼs bodies in todayʼs world of unrealistic and idealised standards of how women ʻshould lookʼ. Lilli Waters does not aim to sexualise the female form, but instead strives to find self-compassion and emotional awareness both in herself and in her audience.

“Photographing these women helps me in my search for these things, and perhaps helps my subjects to find a moment of self acceptance and recognition, which is deserved and should be encouraged much more within our culture.”

Through ANJA, Waters aims to expose the way in which modern society encourages the internalisation of sexism and sexual aggression.

“I feel like as a photographer I am a witness to women’s conditioning, and I’m trying to offer a different perspective. In my work I want to awaken a preferable alternative. My message is therefore transformative, supporting a questioning of the norm.”

Waters is an Australian photographer based in Melbourne. Her first solo exhibition, She Raw, was displayed at Black Dot Gallery in 2012. ANJA is Watersʼ second solo exhibition. Waters was recently announced a semi-finalist in the 2015 Head On Portrait Prize.

All images from the exhibition will be published in a book with 50% of profits going to the White Ribbon Foundation, which aims to combat male violence against women.