11 June – 28 June 2014: Stepanka Cervinkova – Women From the Land of Light & Darkness


In Women From the Land of Light and Darkness artist & filmmaker Stepanka Cervinkova explores themes of deteriorated realities and undercurrents of prejudice in contemporary Cambodian society. This recent body of photographs is a personal take on the events Cervinkova witnessed while working in Cambodia. Women From the Land of Light and Darkness is inspired by both the dark undertones of Phonem Penh’s nightlife and the hope and the courage of Khmer women, who must journey through the landscape of the physical fantasies of Khmer men and expatriates.

Women From the Land of Light and Darkness consists of large-scale portraits of Khmer women, photography depicting masculine mythical nights out and video-art. Cervinkova experiments with the modes of emotion experienced by her own self and the Cambodian women she met while working as a casting director on a feature film in Phnom Penh.

Cervinkova is a Czech artist & filmmaker living in Melbourne, Victoria. She is interested in capturing fragments of stories, emotions and thoughts, while leaving a space for untold mystery. Coming from Eastern Europe, her work organically incorporates black humor, irony and absurdity of our life’s contradiction. She is offering a look through a distorted and deceiving mirror at our own realities; thus questioning our beliefs in what we perceive as good and evil.

The profits from sales from Women From the Land of Light and Darkness will be donated to fund a trip of the first female Cambodian soccer team to International Soccer Championship in Europe (2015), in co-operation with NGO Happy Football Cambodia that focuses on work with Cambodian homeless youth.