11 June – 28 June 2014: Darcy Moore – Welcome to the Neighbourhood


In his first solo exhibition Darcy Moore constructs a sinister love letter to the diverse cultures of Melbourne’s popular inner city suburbs.

It is the inner suburbs that define Melbourne’s vibrant culture. Whether its live music in Fitzroy, a great new restaurant in Abbotsford, or a friend’s new apartment in Southbank, every suburb offers its own personality, expectation and stereotype. In this current body of work Moore seeks to draw our attention to the ‘walk past’ non-spots that are as much a part of our culture fuelled city suburbs as your favourite café, restaurant clothes shop or bar.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood… Is dark and eerie. By focussing on the spaces that exist ‘in between’ Moore forms a contradiction between what we know and what we see. Drawing his audience’s attention to the beauty of these forgotten spaces Moore asks us to broaden our perceptions of these familiar urban settings. The lonely, bland urban spaces propel the viewer into a new surreal world, behind the sights and sounds of our beloved city cultures and lifestyles. Moore’s grungy, cold, first person aesthetic carries the audience through the series, it pulls us into the images and leaves us asking, Where am I?

Welcome to the Neighbourhood … has been generously supported by Photography Studies College (Melbourne).



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