11 July – 28 July 2012: Rod Gray – Tower


Gallery 2

The Tower is a signifier of mythological and symbolic presence and power. We have towers appear in our dreams, aspirations and indeed on our streets because its archetype is integrally part of our observed and imagined landscape since ancient times. It’s presence in contemporary society projects an assertive manner that can be over misread or regarded as simple. However, I have never trusted that a subject perceived as phallocentric or complicit with power was essentially one-dimensional or wholly totalitarian.

These images are ‘lingams’, the great symbolic melding of the sexes. So where we see the assertion of the phallic/masculine, we also see the ever-present ‘space within’, the womb or ‘opening’ hallmarks of feminine symbology.

We have perhaps, forgotten the potency of the tower in our collective psychology, yet it pervades our psyche with the paradox of security and domination.

A tower is always much more than bricks and mortar.