11 July – 28 July 2012: Sione Francis + Rod Gray – Island


Gallery 1

The definition of the word “Island” has multiple meanings: a landmass or something detached or isolated; the obvious and the hidden. Islands historically have associations of isolation, surrounded by water they represent the unattainable or imagined. An escape and transition for people, from one state or place to another where all things imagined are possible; creating a duality of opposites of known and unknown. The sculptural work in the exhibition “island” attempts to examine these themes through the juxtaposing of archetypal ideas and motifs in ply wood and ash. The concepts are based on research, personal histories and popular media the aim of which is to distort perceptions.

‘The Island’ is a motif of great curiosity and mystery to me. I am deeply attached to it. I feel it’s a part of my internal fabric and therefore it recurs frequently in my artwork. The role of imagination is significant in my artwork, however while making these works I experienced strong recall of childhood slide nights with my grandparents showing images of trips they made. to PNG, Tonga, Fiji and Samoa in the early seventies. In the darkness the lush foliage and sickly sweet colours of the frangipanis and dramatic dance and ceremonial dress were chaotically melded and indelibly imprinted on my impressionable mind.