10 August – 27 August: Kate Walsh & Mary Gray – Layers Of Un/Consciousness


KATE WALSH AND MARY GRAY graduated RMIT’s masters’ program together in 2011and discovered that they shared an interest in the texture and surface tension of mark making. …..

This current body of work explores what is often unconsciously absorbed or that which lingers within the layers of consciousness. Kate and Mary are artists whose work focuses on the exploration of dream-like imagery, manifestations of emotion, thought and relationship, as well as states of being.

Mary’s Gray’s work is a collection of encaustic pieces that are both textured and soft… the surface sometimes almost appearing skin-like. Her work is inspired by playing with space, line, pattern and shape and the tension and dynamic of the wax medium. Mary Gray is a prolific artist whose works are often a simplification or an abstraction of imagery made by nature and human endeavour. They could be musings or observations of a view from her studio window.

Kate Walsh paints delicately with watercolours and inks, straight on to raw canvas. The softness and immediacy of the medium straight on to an unprepared surface is a contemporary method of working; there was a time Kate had painted large scale oil paintings of the peonies that had grown on her Mother in-law’s Macedon Ranges farm. Since the passing of her Mother-in-law, her latest work – whilst still inspired by the paeony and the landscape in which it thrives – is more akin to a tribute: a remembrance of times past, and a relationship halted but not lost.

Evoking memories of the past, these odes to humanity are delivered with a poignant tenderness that induces a sentimentality and slightly melancholic introspection.