10 April – 27 April 2013: Luke Pellatt – The New Emotive


Gallery 2

Dark, gritty, and often imbued with a menacing sense of disquiet, Pellatt’s landscapes and urbanscapes are intended to elicit a connection with the viewer on a more primordial level. Captured during twilight’s cusp or first the light of morning, these scenes signify a time in the theatre of the day, to either awaken the defenses to stay alive, or the reason to hunt for survival.

‘They are not intended as landscape images, but conjured representations of that intimidating half-light, wherein the emotions and senses are heightened to near perfect resonance with the en- gulfing environment.’

Based on an existential approach to image making, Pellatt’s photographs thematically explore ‘the emotive’ in an image, in opposition to the clinical application of what is known as ‘emotive imagery’ in phycology. Pellatt’s works are purposefully rich in sub-text and layered with objectified emotional context, geared towards the stimulation of the imagination and the evocation of a more sensory interpretive path.