1 February – 18 February 2012: Jess Hall – Swarm Series


Gallery 1

Inspired by her ‘specimen collections’, Jess Hall’s paintings combine studies from life with invented hybrids, referencing scientific illustration and collection.  This exhibition consists of a series of swarm paintings and a series of works on paper.  Techniques used in Swarm Seriesinclude thinly applied oil paint, which resembles watercolour and densely layered passages with visible brush strokes.  These paintings are a celebration of colour and form, an interaction between the representational and the abstract.  Swarm series is inspired by the colour and light depicted in the work of Pierre Bonnard.

Jess completed first class Honours at Queensland College of Art and relocated to Melbourne in 2006 where she completed the Masters in Fine Art at Victorian College of the Arts and Music.  Jess’ work has been acquired by public collections, and has also featured in numerous art prizes, group and solo exhibitions.  Jess was awarded an Australia Council Art Start Grant in 2010.