1 – 18 July 2015: Shirley Ploog – Resilience



“there is no beauty without some strangeness” Edgar Allan Poe

Shirley Ploog’s current body of work is a response to what she witnessed at Mt Zero, Victoria in 2014. It references this environment and the nature within it. Ploog has created organic floating worlds showcasing elements of Australian flora.

Having witnessed the impact of bushfires on our environment whilst at Mt Zero Ploog found the aftermath of this disaster both devastating as well as inspiring. It raised many questions around the vulnerability, fragility and strength of our beautiful land. This experience provided inspiration and wonderment of nature’s resilience along with some questions regarding our impact on both natural and man made disasters within our environment.

Through the dynamics of positive and negative space and the moving between the real and surreal Ploog’s works create a sense of mystery, loneliness, stillness and desolation as well as a sense of hope through germination and regeneration.