1 – 18 July 2015: Grace Louise Biles – Dream Theory



It’s long been thought that dreams contain underlying messages that may not be immediately apparent to the dreamer.  In mid-2014, Grace Biles had a waking dream that changed the direction of her life, leading her to pursue her artistic creativity with an unbridled passion and focus.

Dreaming is that special place where our conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds meet and battle one another to temporarily alter our reality.  They leave their influence on us through a chemical concoction of memories. In a similar way, this is what Biles’ achieves in her current body of work. Each colour is of its own mind, contesting to their share of existence in her works. When the encounter is over, what remains is a lasting image of placid co-existence. Dream Theory reflects upon and documents the most significant and vivid dreams that have attempted to enter and shape Biles’ reality.

Through the use of acrylic, ink and resin, Biles creates and manipulates puddles of freeform colours that merge to create an image of chaotic perfection.