1 – 18 July 2015: Elizabeth Farlie – tear



Elizabeth Farlie’s latest body of work dismantles representation of the self, negotiating the seam between provided identity and the actual.

Consisting of an installation, a sculpture, writing, photographs and drawings as well as a sort of soundscape that the audience mutters, rereads and rechecks. The various elements are combined within the exhibition space to depict a brutal processing plant.

tear explores the boundaries that can define but also entrap and threaten. Within this exchange there is necessarily uncertainty – Is this intimate space comforting or threatening? tear gets under the skin and explores its story, the point at which two realms collide moving the audience beyond the ‘natural order’ provided.

The exhibition asks the audience to enter into a different idea of representation and of expression that seeks to rupture definitions of identity, challenging the sense that we are separate.

tear is the second of a series of works by Elizabeth that function as a trial run for a larger work, deus ex machina or god from the machinery.