04 September – 22 September: Catherine Bainbridge & Patricia Vipond – Breathing Space


Opening Night Drinks Wednesday 4th September 2019, 6-8pm

Landscapes depict vistas from the real world outside; artists abstract these views by representing a geographical place by its visible forms.

Catherine Bainbridge and Patricia Vipond explore the vastness of northern Australia and the natural bushland of the Yarra’s materiality by immersing themselves in the scene and responding to it with intricate splashes of watercolours, large paint & canvas installations, and raw emotion.

Patricia Vipond’s suspended pieces speak about energy, of nature, of freedom, of balance, of flow, and of harmony. Shapes are simple, the colours singing, vibrant, earthy. The cuts in the canvas allow the structure to disengage, the natural light to mingle and merge. The stitches and loose threads suggest the idea of coming together freely…without control.

In the last decade Catherine Bainbridge’s has explored abstraction in its many forms. She has spent time mostly of her own in the bush/ outback of Australia and in remote areas in Northern Europe and the USA. From this exposure, tracts of work were prompted by the study of organic and mechanical forms and responses to the solitude of vast landscapes. Bringing these observations back to the studio she investigates and dissects the structure and appearance of botanical and geographical forms reconstructing responses with her emotional experience.