1 February – 28 February 2009: Adam Lee – Peniel: Marking the Places We’ve Been


Adam Lee’s new work explores the act of tracing a personal history.  Interested in the nature of loss and grief, Lee examines such encounters as they relate to our drive to belong.

Each of the paintings take their beginning in personal images from the artist’s own family slides and photographs.  In this sense the works enact a kind of ‘re-tracing’ of the artist’s own family history in an attempt to understand those who have gone before him.

There is a spiritual dimension to Lee’s work, particularly through the recurring theme of unity or ‘oneness’ made up of multiple parts.

Each of these paintings, in their own way, is a marking or remembering of the places, moments and encounters, which have marked us or changed us forever and ultimately hold significant sway in forming our sense of self and place, in relation to the world around us.

Adam Lee is a Melbourne based artist currently undertaking a PhD research project at RMIT University.