28 June – 16 July: Invisible (Group Show)


Six artists engage with the notion of making visible the invisible.

This gallery 2 collaborative exhibition combines sculpture, painting, installation and drawing in a collective exposure of the innermost subjective source material for these artists.

Psychological, spiritual and emotional spaces are marked by barriers familiar to us all. Deep internal spaces become represented in the gallery, brought to light…

Struggle, voicelessness and resistance are forces unseen, but felt, particularly in minority communities…

Fragments of images and thoughts are made real through layered perspective and representational drawing…

A subjective visual lexicon of symbols from experience and memory and the judgements and emotions that betray their significance…

The sanctity and detachment offered by the studio…..


The invisible made visible.

Geraldine Richards

Latifa Elmrini

Deborah Nerurker

Jacinta Maude

Marguerite Ton

Kate Gabb