9 November – 26 November 2011: Sarah Gully – Sideshow


Gallery 1

Sarah Gully asks the question; what makes us individual? What sets us apart from other people? Nature or fate makes some people stand out in a crowd, others consciously choose to embrace a life less ordinary, often in the form of exaggerated self ~adornment or extravagant performance.

Sarah Gully strikes the balance between celebrating beauty in place of the seemingly grotesque; she sets up the allegory of the non-human becoming human while rendering beauty through her sensitivity with paint. The celebration of difference in this collection of paintings and drawings depicts animals, humans and hybrids, all with one thing in common ~ their uniqueness.

Borrowing personification of the animals from myth and 19th and 20th century carnival culture to explain the ‘other’ Gully appropriates elements of the ‘sideshow’ theme as a catalyst to reveal that beauty can be found in the differences between us. This is not a sideshow in which to gape and snigger, but one in which the audience is invited to admire the beauty and self-assuredness of the participants.