9 November – 26 November 2011: Sara McPherson – Introduced Species


Gallery 2

The impact of science and introduced species on the landscape is an uncertain world. Does the acceleration in human existence give us the knowledge and right to change the natural world? Sara McPherson paintings conjure up a world of contrast which is simultaneously beautiful, garish and clashing.

These paintings explore ideas of environment, identity and survival. Using plastic toys juxtaposed in tropical landscapes plastic monkeys dance and swing through their adopted environment whilst plastic birds perch awkwardly in unfamiliar surroundings. Depicting a surreal world of imagined landscapes now inhabited by these introduced species a flock is suddenly disturbed and takes flight, their unforgiving costumes unable to camouflage them in this foreign environment.

Adaptation and change is the key to survival, as these creatures discover new lands the painted sun sets light up brightly coloured plastic toys marching across the canvas, colonising a new territory.