9 June – 26 June 2010: Indigo O’Rourke – Who Knows Why or Should


Gallery 2

This new series of works on paper has evolved out of Indigo O’Rourke’s investigations into the art of the everyday. Her doodles, jottings, biro portraits and accidental ink, coffee and wine-stained drawings are produced through a stream of consciousness process, and are assembled without any overriding structure.Fragments of text, signs, scenes and figures are scattered across the surface of each image like clues from a scrambled transmission.

This exhibition includes a number of portraits (detailed drawings of faces) and a large, five-metre long drawing that has developed over time like a visual map. The presentation of disparate scenes and visual motifs prompts the viewer to formulate connections or relationships between the components within each image, be they  real or imagined, actual or perceived.  

Indigo O’Rourke completed her Postgraduate Diploma at VCA in 2009, after previously undertaking studies in graphic design. She has been exhibiting regularly since 2007, and her works and commissioned pieces are included in numerous collections. This is her first exhibition at red gallery.