9 June – 26 June 2010: Chloe Vallance – Along the Way


Gallery 3

Chloe Vallance’s latest exhibition features a series of new drawings and paintings on plywood and paper. In some of these works, two images are placed side by side within the same frame. Although ostensibly of the same scene, in one image the background is removed so the figures seem to float in space and the grain of the wood is clearly visible; in the other, the background remains but the figures are removed, leaving holes in the landscape.

Chloe Vallance thinks about these kinds of erasures and duplicities as relating to ideas of context and narration. As she comments, ‘The idea of sequencing imagery to suggest an underlying notion of narration is a recurring theme in my practice.  To draw or paint a passed moment can relay an unfixed reality. I’m interested in the placement of figures, together and alone, within diverse landscapes to convey ideas about transient moments and the relation between individuals and their environmental contexts.’

The images in Along the way are predominantly based on photographs that the artist captured during her travels through the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Chloe Vallance was awarded the Graeme Hildebrand Travel grant in 2009 and used part of the grant to fund her recent travels.

Chloe Vallance graduated from RMIT (Drawing) in 2009 and has undertaken over twenty group and solo exhibitions in Melbourne, South Australia, Brisbane and Italy. She is the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, and her work features in private collections in Australia, Italy, London, New York, Germany, Spain, Portugal and France.