9 July – 26 July 2008: Paula McLoughlin – Corners and Alleyways


Gallery 2

Paula McLoughlin’s prints explore familiar perspective   and topographical views of Melbourne.  This series of etchings do not give a true description of an actual location, more they offer an abstracted glance of a place in passing.

“I have used my view of the city and the suburbs of the west and inner Melbourne as a springboard to the creation of a series of work depicting slices of an urban landscape that have an architectural and structural look.”

The artist focuses on  corners and alleyways, hedgerows and fences, aerial views and abstruse angles of the city to provide a sliver of recognition, a sense of “I’m sure I know this place,” while parring out the details to emphasise structure and silhouette.

McLoughlin holds a Masters in Print from Sydney College of the Arts. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and her work is held in Australian and international collections.