8 September – 26 September 2004: Kate Hendry – Auricular Confessions


Gallery 1

In historical Japanese society, it was considered a sign of affection for couples to scratch each others ears with beautifully crafted ear scoops.

Kate Hendry’s work plays with the idea that the ear is both a physical and emotional entrance into a person’s secret or hidden interior. Her work evokes a tension between what ‘lies beneath’ and the tools or means by which we uncover it.

Hendry’s sculptural pieces slip ambiguously between dark Victorian interiors and medical instrument.   The pieces are derivative of personal hand-held tools, but their scale is unusually disproportionate to their possible functions.

These large and quiet sculptural objects are handcrafted from Tasmanian Oak with attention to the distinct characteristics of the material.

Kate Hendry is a young Melbourne based artist.  This is her second solo show.