8 September – 26 September 2004: David Gatiss, Sue McFarland, Shane Kent + Van Komis


Gallery 2

Four artists who have known each other for more than twenty years.  Although each of these artists has pursued their own individual careers in art, they have had an ongoing collaborative relationship with each other, which they explore in greater detail during this group exhibition.


David Gatiss’ small sculptural objects are derived from his love of the Australian landscape.  His clay and wood installations are complemented by a body of drawings.


Sue McFarland’s work is inspired by the Port Phillip Bay coastline.  Clay encrusted with found sea objects, these works explore the vibrant colours and texture of the bay and its surrounds.


Shane Kent’s ceramic vessel like objects are elegant forms with personal intricate line work layered with glazes.

Van Komis utilizes experimentation and chance to construct carved and shaped wood forms that are totem-like, while his works on paper reference inner landscapes.

Having shared an interest in 3D art for over twenty years, the works of each artist are still uniquely individual.