8 November – 26 November 2005: Stan Smith – Leaving the Learning


Gallery 3

Using the materials of early learning, chalk, ink and paper, Stan Smith continues his research into indigenous plants and foods.  Smith’s approach is not to interpret the landscape, but a means to connect with it.

Similar to the cycle of seasonal flooding and drying Smith applies chalk and wet ink to the paper allowing it to pool and dry leaving sediment layers and tide marks.

Incorporated into his work are notations, detailed botanical descriptions and illustrations of local plants and foods.  This is then combined with information that he has learned from local indigenous people, such as the use of various foods and descriptions of storage vessels.  Each drawing is a journey through the landscape, and a connection to the past.

Combining his extensive knowledge of botany with his learning from the local indigenous people, Smith has produced a body of work that is part journal, part palimpsest… a physical outcome of a respectful connection to an area left long ago.