8 November – 26 November 2005: Alison Langley


Gallery 1

Alison Langley’s work is an ongoing investigation into the construction and representation of illusory, miniature, photographic environments that are predominately quiet in their mood and solitary in their nature.  Langley creates distinctive images that activate the perceptions of each individual viewer.   Her images are tantalizingly ambiguous, often confounding the viewer about what is perceived, and what is actually observed.

Her work involves constant experimentation with the qualities and effects of light and colour, combined with the manipulation of the imagery through the use of magnifying photographic lenses, plant material and water. 

Langley’s photographs are not digitally manipulated.  Relying on an analogue system, Langley’s images originate as 35mm colour transparencies.  This exhibition sees Alison expand the representation of her imagery through the use of light boxes exhibited alongside colour photographic prints, further enhancing the illumination and colour saturation of the imagery whilst remaining true to their original form.

Alison Langley is a Melbourne-based artist and was short-listed for the 2004 Siemens RMIT Fine Art Travel Scholarship.